CMCM on tour

We bring health to your neighborhood !

With our CMCM-BUS, we visit different cities, shopping centers, markets… throughout the year to answer all your different questions you may have about our services .

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Agenda - Fixed dates starting on 06.02.2024

Starting on 06.02.2024, we will welcome you at the following addresses every week with our new mobile office and help you with all your CMCM concerns:

The mobile office is open from 09h – 15h

  • Tuesday: Redange sur Attert, next to the sports hall
  • Wednesday: Echternach, in the car park A Kack / every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the market
  • Thursday: Dudelange, in front of the town hall
  • Friday: Clervaux, next to the Bouvier fountain

Agenda - Markets and other events


  • Thu. February 01st 2024 – 08h – 12h
    Diddelenger Maart – Bei der Gemeng
  • Sat. February 10th 2024 – 09h-13h
    Schëtter Maart – Op der Kiercheplaz
  • Tue. February 20th 2024 – 08h-13h
    Dikrecher Maart – Place Guillaume
  • Sat. February 24th 2024 – 12h-19h
    Festival des Migrations – Luxexpo the Box
  • Sun. February 25th 2024 – 12h-18h
    Festival des Migrations – Luxexpo the Box


  • March 06th 2024 – 09h – 14h
    Schengener Maart – Ënner de Lannen
  • March 18th 2024 – 14h-18h
    Réimecher Maart – Op der Esplanade
  • March 19th 2024 – 08h – 13h
    Dikrecher Maart – Place Guillaume
  • March 23th 2024 – 20h – 22h
    Télévie Concert – Dikrech an der aaler Seerei


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